HR and Payroll Services

We Offer

  • Salary and benefits computation
  • Payroll / Bank account processing
  • Statutory deductions and employer share (SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF, Income Tax)

Managing HR processes has never been easy!

Introducing a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that offers a complete solution for your business needs, promising accurate payroll computation in minutes.


Payruler is a comprehensive and customizable Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for all types of business in the Philippines. 

Payruler processes and handles all the granular HR concerns and issues that would normally give business owners a headache.

The complete Employee Life Cycle from application, tracking employees’ time on the job, to computing and generating employees’ BIR 2316.

Payruler can function and process multiple shifts, multiple branches, and multiple locations.

Turn Payruler into a centralized database for all sister companies for management visibility with segregated reports. 

Includes multiple rate, daily, weekly, and monthly computations, piecework computations, transportation computation. 

Timeruler (Mobile app), Payruler (Web), and integration with Biometrics, Barcode reader, RFID, Finger Vein, Facial Recognition, and other time tracking devices.

Ability to integrate with finance, accounting, and 3rd party software and devices. 

Payruler (Web), Payruler Mobile, and Employee Self-Service

User Interface Layout, Reports, Dashboard Widgets, Customizable User Access, Special payroll computations and special policies. 

User preferred browser to connect to your local, hybrid or public cloud. All data can be uploaded to the main server and can be accessed in any location or branch. 

It aims to eliminate inaccurate recording and tracking of employee work hours, tediousness in preparing tax forms. 

Deploy a paperless system and to also eliminate salary computation and payment discrepancies in salary computation, outdated attendance methods like punch cards that are difficulty to migrate to newer technologies, and inflexible systems available in the market that cannot capture unique business processes in determining accurate payroll.