What is it for?

Papeless DMS is an electronic document solution that is developed by Filipino Inventors acknowledged by Malacañang Palace and Department of Science and Technology. It enable organizations to scan, store, retrieve, share, track, revise and distribute documents.

Why use Papeless?

centralized repository

Flexible retrieval of documents and information for controlled and improved document distribution.

improved security

Administratively control the access of the based on user roles and disaster recovery backup.

cost - effectiveness

Reduce or eliminate the cost of document storage cost.

workflow process

Improve internal communication and operation. Ease of access for critical documents.

main features

              Advance Search                                Approval Workflow                                     Audit Trail                                      Metadata LinkinG       

                     BUILT-IN OCR                             AES 256 FILE ENCRYPTION                         PDF CONTENT PARSER                          SHARING WITH USER