VoIP Services

VoIP Services

How VoIP works?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service allows you to make low cost International phone calls using an existing high speed internet connection. Using the internet to make phone calls enables you to avoid the usually high-cost calling from your regular carrier and to take advantage of the great rates that Verto Communications | Network Solutions offer

Verto VoIP Services Inbound and Outbound


In order to always achieve good and stable quality, Verto Communications | Network Solutions offers a 24/7 NOC that monitors all routes and troubleshoots all issues reported in a highly professional manner. 

A - Z Connectivity

We facilitate A – Z connectivity according to the client’s requirements. 

Detailed Invoice

The client has the access to the invoice issued for his activity and also has the possibility to see exactly how many minutes were completed at a certain rate for each breakout. 

Updates in real time

Our call history and Call Detail Records (CDRs) updates in real time and can be viewed on the user’s own client interface.

VoIP Resellers

This service is for Contact Center that is providing seat leasing services to different campaigns. VERTO can provide them a VoIP reseller account where they can manage the VoIP usage of their clients. 

Premium Routes

We offer premium routes and reliable back end brought by the Tier One Telco partners. 

Email Notifications

Email alerts are sent to the clients except if one of the following happens:

Posting of a new invoice

Maxing out capacity

Balance threshold