3CX Phone System

Anytime, anyplace complete business communications solution that's software-based, open-standard IP PBX with over 600,000 installations world wide

3CX Platinum Partnetship
Get amazing deals as Verto is a Platinum 3CX partner in the Philippines since 2018!

Why Choose 3CX?


Unbeatable Price

Slash your customer bills by up to 80% per year

No per user charges : add unlimited extensions

Choose your own SIP Trunk - control your call costs


Open Platform for Extra Control

Choose your own SIP Trunk and save

Choose your own cloud provider

Choose your own hardware

Choose On-Premise or Cloud deployment


Easy to Deploy

Install On-Premise on Mini PC, Raspberry Pi or virtualize

Choose your OS - Linux or Windows

PnP guides for supported phones & SIP Trunks.


Easy to Manage

Easily add & manage extensions

Phone configuration and firmware are tested by 3CX

Automatically deploy upgrades and updates

Choose Hosted on Verto to further reduce admin and maintenance


Full Remote Working Solution

Android and iOS apps

Connect from anywhere from your web client

Integrated messaging & live chat

Browser based video conferencing for all users

All at no extra charge!


Advanced Customer Experience

Call Queues, IVR, MOH

Call Recording and Reporting

Integration with leading CRM apps

Website Live Chat & Talk

Inbuilt Contact Center Features


Tried and Trusted

600,000 installations

25,000 partners

Leading customers including Wilson Sporting Goods, Mitsubishi, American Express, MIT and Subaru of America

HoduCC Omnichannel Platform

Introducing a multichannel customer support software to improve your customer’s journey with quicker problem-solving technology. Build stronger relationships with customers by helping them reach you via multiple channels with our easy-to-use and cost-effective contact center software.

Key Features

Though contact center software features are quite similar to call center features, it involves some added features and functionalities that make it different from call centers.
Predictive Dialer

An ideal tool for businesses with large call volumes. Our predictive dialer uses advanced algorithms for better productivity.

Skill-based Routing

Drive customer engagement with preferred proficiency skills based call routing. Customer calls are routed directly to the agents with relevant skills.

Automatic Call Distribution

This feature is intelligently built to automatically sort and manage heavy incoming calls. It helps to distribute customer calls evenly among contact center agents.

Auto Dialer

Auto-dialers can significantly improve phone support by enabling the system to simply redirect the call to the next agent. Automation helps in optimizing the calling process for the customer support team and improving productivity.

Single & Multi Tenant

Enjoy the powerful single-tenant & multi-tenant features for the contact center. Customers can choose a model based on factors like customization needs, security, budget restrictions, and anticipated growth.

Multilevel IVR

Drive superior efficiency and personalization via smart multi-level interactive voice response functions and call flow design.

Real-Time Analytics and Reports

Monitor and analyze all customer interactions with advanced reporting, live call monitoring, and a campaign dashboard to redefine your customer experience.

Omnichannel Support

Connect with your customers easily across different channels including voice, video, Email, social media, chat, and SMS. Deliver consistently superior customer experiences and enhance customer satisfaction rate.

Built-In CRM

The built-in customer relationship management system allows customer support agents to access customer data like previous interactions, unresolved complaints, and more to deliver contextual conversations.

WebRTC Phone

In-built web phone based on WebRTC technology, allowing users to connect securely via popular desktop/laptop browsers instead of a dedicated office phone device.

Inbuilt Ticketing System

Ticketing systems are an excellent way for support teams to manage and handle customer support requests. Ticketing systems help reduce the workload on your staff. Enable faster resolution with a streamlined in-built ticketing system.

Answering Machine Detection

Advanced machine recognition technology to bypass answering machines, saving time and optimizing overall performance.

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