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Unified Telehealth Platform

Give your patients the BEST CARE they need, whenever and wherever they are, having a Unified Telehealth Platform with amazing features that connect hospitals and patients through a visual presence

Virtual Clinic


A Platform under your own brand as an extension of your hospital/clinic

Doctor's Portal


Dedicated to enabling Doctors and Specialists to have up-to-date patient information and control of their professional schedules.

Patient's Portal


Dedicated to enabling patients to have access to all of their information and control over their visits/consultations

Features and Advantages

  • A Platform under your own brand as an extension of your hospital/clinic
  • Attract patients and provide convenient care
  • Offer extended hours
  • Healthcare at your home
  • Patients will be provided with a 100% complete patient health picture on a 24x7 basis regardless of patient’s location
  • Add a new patient
  • Search for a specific patient using name, date of birth, or medical ID
  • Book appointment with patient
  • Take a screenshot of the patients video stream and it will be saved to patient’s file
  • Record video stream of all participants and save to the patient’s file
  • SOAP notes, diagnosis and orders (prescription, lab and radiology)
  • Schedule an appointment from Patient Portal
  • Edit own profile
  • Book appointment with patient
  • Log into the portal to view past and future appointments
  • When it is time to join appointment, patients can log in from the notification or their doctor’s/specialist’s web meeting
  • Join a video call
  • Mute, turn the video off
  • Patients can see chat from previous visit on encounter screen
  • Receive SOAP Notes, Orders, etc.
  • Integraion with EHRs

    FHIR Middleware as a Service

    Shimmer API Integration in to FHIR Middleware Diagram

    quality and reliability is our promise