Surveillance and Monitoring

We aim to help you meet your needs in protecting your employees, customers and assets through surveillance and monitoring



Video Recorders

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With ever-changing light conditions to overcome, wide areas to cover, a thousand details to capture, bills to pay – you need advanced surveillance technologies, right now, that protect your perimeter and keep your business running smarter, day and night.



Network Camera

Network Camera

PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera


Network Video Recorder

Explosion Proof Cam

Explosion Proof & Anti-Corrosion Series

Your smart solution for security and timekeeping management delivering excellence in biometrics and access-control technology and payroll processing

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ZKteco Philipplines Products

- Accessory
- Reader
- Standalone Device
- Control Panel

- Face
- Fingerprint
- Hybrid Biometrics
- Portable Devices

- Radar Sensor
- Parking Lock
- Parking Barrier
- License Plate Recognition

- Object Inspection
- Vehicle Security

- IoT Smart Home Solution
- Smart Hotel Solution
- Face Recognition Lock
- Other Lock

- Flap Barrier
- Full Height Turnstile
- Optical Turnstile
- Swing Barrier
- Tripod Turnstile

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